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Whatever your reason maybe, you can find experts which are not limited to:

Phone, Social Media Accounts, Email Accounts, Website, Cryptocurrency, Legal Evidences, Rescue from Blackmailers, etc. 

About Spy and Monitor

A Private Marketplace for Digital Services, Digital Security, Surveillance, and Beyond. Enjoy Secure Transactions and a Reliable Refund Policy.

Our chosen certified hackers for hire have closely worked with companies that shape different security setups for different applications.

Having worked for such companies gives our professional hackers an edge and a whole insight of how cyber security works for various applications.



We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. Our business operates seven days a week, ensuring that no time is wasted.

Regardless of your location, our dedicated customer care representatives are available to promptly address any inquiries you may have.

We guarantee immediate support from our representatives.


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If you are seeking a cyber professional, there is no need to search elsewhere, as we offer highly effective and superior services.

Our core principle is to carry out discrete communication within a secure and adaptable environment.

With numerous years of experience in this field, we have been tirelessly dedicated to creating a safe cyber-space for users.

Chosen Cyber Security Experts Certified Ethical Hackers For Hire

    • Quick Response100%
    • On time delivery100%
    • Confidential100%


    Spy and Monitor provides fully secure services to all clients. When you initiate a conversation, we understand that your primary concern is maintaining confidentiality.

    Therefore, all conversations with our clients are encrypted using protected AES encryption. Rest assured, your conversations and concerns are safe with us, and your identities will never be disclosed to third parties when you contact us.

    We offer our services to both local and global clients. Many companies require the expertise of cyber professionals to retrieve and recover lost company data and accounts.

    The cyber space is fraught with dangers, including individuals who bully and harass others on social media platforms, as well as criminals who exploit companies and individuals for financial gain.

    To combat these threats and recover lost data and accounts, the services of ethical hackers are required. You have the option to hire legit experts from our company.

    Why Do You Need a Private Investigator?

    - Password recovery: We can help you retrieve lost passwords for computers, tablets, mobile phones, social media accounts, and email accounts. 

    - Restoring hacked social media accounts: Many influencers and businesses fall victim to hackers who compromise their social media handles. Our Hacker Group can counter these attacks and restore control of the account to the client. We specialize in assisting with platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and more. 

    - Retrieving hacked websites: As many businesses and bloggers have websites, they become targets for cyber predators seeking to steal valuable information. This can have severe consequences for your reputation and financial standing. With our team of ethical hackers, you can regain full control over your website. 

    - Penetration testing: We offer comprehensive testing on mobile applications, websites, networks, and APIs to assess their vulnerability to hacking. Following the testing, we provide recommendations on how to enhance the security of your application, website, or network. 

    Our company is dedicated to ethical hacking and acts as a guardian behind the scenes. We play a crucial role in safeguarding your website, application, and network from potential threats. 

    Spy and Monitor offers the best hackers for hire. Give us the opportunity to serve you once, and we assure you that you will return to us or recommend our services to others.

    Presenting a Secure Portal to Make Your Experience Hassle Free!

    When you contact a hacker, there are few important facts which should not be avoided for your safety:

    Your identity: You should make sure that your identity is not exposed to the hacker hired.

    Your Money: Your money should be in safe hands when you hire hackers to avoid being scammed.

    Guarantee of Service Delivery: Service guarantee and timely service delivery to avoid wasting your time and hard-earned money.

    That is why we have launched this portal to make the hacker hiring experience hassle-free for you. We have a verified list of freelance professional hackers.

    OVER 10,000

    • hire a hacker reviews
      You are the best hacker for hire. I hired a phone hacker to check my phone as I was suspicious that someone was monitoring my phone. Incredible speed and response. Spy and Monitor team helped me to fix my phone and I got to know who was controlling my phone remotely.
    • hackers reviews
      I was unable restore my wallet after losing my passphrase for recovering my bitcoin wallet. Spy and Monitor’s bitcoin hackers recovered my bitcoin wallet and now I can send and receive Bitcoins from this wallet.
    • hacker for hire reviews
      You can now access your mobile via the control panel. For now, it's all good. After knowing certain facts, I feel more relaxed. I wish that they could take orders instantly. There are always a lot of orders.

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