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Phone, Social Media Accounts, Email Accounts, Website, Cryptocurrency, Debt Removal, Credit Score Repair, Grade Change, and many more such services...

About Our Certified Professional Hackers For Hire

Our hackers to hire are professional, experienced, extraordinary, and extremely talented. Most of our Ethical Cyber hackers have worked for 15+ years for different clients and agencies in the field of social Media Penetration, Funds Recovery from Scam Websites or companies, Crypto or Bitcoin Investment and Data Management.

Our chosen certified hackers have closely worked with companies that shape different security setups for different applications.

Having worked for such companies gives our professional hackers an edge and a whole insight of how cyber security works for various applications.



We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. Our business operates seven days a week, ensuring that no time is wasted. Regardless of your location, our dedicated customer care representatives are available to promptly address any inquiries you may have. We guarantee immediate support from our representatives.


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If you are seeking to rent a hacker, there is no need to search elsewhere, as we offer highly effective and superior services. Our core principle is to carry out hacking services within a secure and adaptable environment. With numerous years of experience in this field, we have been tirelessly dedicated to creating a safe cyber space for users.

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    Cell Phone Hacking


    Do you suspect someone is snooping through your cell phone? Have no fear, our phone hacking services are here. We offer discreet, professional solutions to monitor any phone or get yours fixed if you feel compromised. Whether you need parental controls to see what your kids are up to or want to check on a suspicious spouse, our expert phone hackers use state-of-the-art tools to gain access to messages, calls, photos and location—all without a trace. If you think your own phone has been hacked, we can scan it to detect spyware and remove any unauthorized access, restoring your privacy. In today’s digital world, it pays to keep close tabs on your mobile devices. With our phone hacking packages, you can monitor someone else’s phone or get peace of mind that yours is secure. Our services are 100% confidential, so you can hack in stealth mode.

    Recover Lost Password


    Regain access to your accounts instantly with our password recovery service. We understand the frustration of being locked out of your email, social media or other online accounts when you've forgotten your password. Our team of highly skilled technicians use advanced password recovery methods to hack into your account and retrieve your lost password, allowing you to sign in once again. No more waiting days or weeks for account access or risking losing valuable data and memories. We recover passwords for all major email providers, social networks and more. Our discreet, confidential service gets you back into your accounts in no time at all. Stop wasting time and start using your accounts again. With our password recovery service, your login information is just a click away.

    Grade Change Service


    Sick of settling for mediocre marks that don't reflect your true potential? Now you can transform those lackluster grades into the dazzling scores you deserve. Our discreet grade change service utilizes sophisticated techniques to hack into your school's records and alter your grades, elevating your GPA and opening up opportunities that were previously out of reach. With our expertise, no portal is too secure to infiltrate and no grade is too difficult to modify. Your future is too important to be defined by a few errant keystrokes. Stop watching from the sidelines as your peers land coveted internships and spots at top universities. Take action and choose to have the grades that match your abilities. With our grade change service, the power to shape your destiny is only a click away.

    Social Media Account Hacking


    Need to access a social media account that isn’t yours? We’ve got you covered. Our social media hacking services are discreet, effective and get you into the accounts you need. Whether you’ve been locked out of your own profiles or are trying to gain access to someone else’s, our expert hackers use advanced techniques to recover passwords and bypass security measures across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. Regain access to your own accounts or get the intel you need by hacking into other people’s profiles. Social media contains a gold mine of information, and we’re here to help you unlock it. Our password recovery process is fast, affordable and conducted by professionals with a proven track record of success. Why be left out of the loop when you can tap into the world’s social conversations? Let us hack any social media account for you today.

    Email Account Hacking


    Regain access to your email account today. Our elite team of hackers can infiltrate any email account, allowing you to recover lost access or uncover hidden information within hours. Simply provide the email address and any details about the account holder you may have, and our hackers will work their technological magic to gain entry into the account. Using advanced tools and techniques, we can bypass any security measures to hack into email accounts from major providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and more. Stop wasting time trying to recover your account yourself or wondering what secrets lie within another email account. For fast, affordable email hacking services, look no further. We get the job done discreetly and efficiently, allowing you to once again access what is rightfully yours or uncover the truth about anyone.

    Online Content Removal


    Your online reputation is too important to leave to chance. When falsehoods, defamation, and fake accounts threaten your good name, you need a quick and effective solution. Our online content removal service helps you regain control of your reputation. We work to systematically identify and eliminate harmful online content targeting you, from defaming news articles and blog posts to fake social media profiles and false reviews. Our experienced team understands the complex web of policies governing each platform and leverages proven techniques for getting unauthorized content taken down. We do the digging so you can get back to focusing on the things that really matter. Why let lies and misinformation spread when the truth is just a click away? Our online content removal service—your secret weapon for a reputation rescue.

    Credit Score Hack


    Need a credit score makeover fast? This powerful credit repair kit is your secret weapon to transform your score and unlock your financial potential. Our specialized techniques target inaccurate, unverifiable, and fraudulent items on your credit reports to boost your score and qualify you for the loans and cards you deserve. Forget waiting years to rebuild your credit—we leverage insider knowledge to challenge questionable entries and push your score higher, faster. Whether you’ve been denied a mortgage, car loan, or credit card due to a low score or have been a victim of identity theft, our advanced credit repair strategies are proven to dramatically improve scores in just a few months. Stop paying high interest rates and start saving thousands. Take control of your financial destiny now with the only credit repair system engineered by ex-credit bureau insiders. Skyrocket your score and open the door to new opportunities—you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

    WhatsApp Hacking


    Do you have a gnawing feeling that your significant other's WhatsApp messages aren't meant for your eyes? We have the solution. Our elite team of ethical WhatsApp hackers can hack into any WhatsApp account to monitor all communication in real time. We utilize advanced technology to gain access to WhatsApp databases and extract messages, photos, videos and voice messages from any account of your choosing. Our discreet service provides peace of mind so you can uncover the truth about who they're really talking to and what's being said. Why waste time with pointless arguments and accusations when hard evidence is just a click away? Life is too short for doubts and distrust. In a world filled with deception, the truth is a precious commodity. Our WhatsApp hackers provide that truth so you can stop guessing and start living with confidence in your relationship again. The truth will set you free.

    Bitcoin Hacker


    Have you lost access to your Bitcoin wallet or accidentally sent funds to the wrong address? Don't panic. With the help of an expert Bitcoin hacker, your digital assets can be recovered and returned to you. By hiring a white hat hacker, you can regain control of your wallet if you've lost your passphrase or recover Bitcoin that was wrongly sent to another address. These ethical hackers use advanced techniques to trace transactions on the blockchain and track down your missing coins. Their skills, experience, and computing power mean they can accomplish in hours what might take an amateur hacker weeks. When every satoshi counts, you need a professional on your side to restore your peace of mind and recover your lost Bitcoin. Hire a hacker today and get your crypto back where it belongs—in your wallet.

    Recover Scammed Money


    Has a scammer made off with your hard-earned money or crypto? Don’t throw in the towel just yet. This service specializes in recovering funds lost to investment fraud and crypto scams. Whether you wired money to a fake website or had crypto stolen from an exchange, their experts work tirelessly to trace where your money went and get it back. Using cutting-edge blockchain analysis, they can determine who received your stolen crypto and work with law enforcement to freeze accounts and reverse transactions. For fiat currency scams, they conduct in-depth investigations to locate where funds were sent and put pressure on banks to recover and return your money. Scammers may think they’ve won, but with this service in your corner, you’ll even the score and get what’s rightfully yours. Why let them enjoy the spoils when you can get justice and recover your scammed money? The good guys win again.

    Trace Fake Social Media Profiles


    Have an online imposter posing as you on social media? We have the tools to unmask them. Our expert digital investigators can track down the person hiding behind a fake social media profile, tracing their location in real-time and gathering evidence to have the fraudulent accounts removed. If someone is defaming or threatening you under a cloak of anonymity, we utilize advanced techniques to lift that veil and expose the culprit. No more sleepless nights worrying about what that faker might post next or what harm they may cause. With cutting-edge digital forensics and a proven track record of success, we're the team to call when you need to trace fake social media profiles and reclaim your online reputation. Justice is just a click away.

    Private Investigations


    Wondering if your partner is playing you? We have the experience and expertise to uncover the truth. Our licensed private investigators conduct discreet surveillance and monitoring to determine if there are any signs of infidelity. We can track your spouse’s movements, monitor communication records, and dig into their background to expose any lies or deceit. Our cutting-edge espionage tactics are highly effective at catching a cheating significant other in the act. But we also understand relationships are complicated, so we handle each case with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. If you have suspicions but don’t know where to turn, let our private investigators provide guidance and clarity so you can stop wondering and start moving forward. The truth shall set you free.



    Spy and Monitor provides fully secure services to all clients. When hiring hackers, we understand that your primary concern is maintaining confidentiality.

    Therefore, all conversations with our clients are encrypted using protected AES encryption. Rest assured, your conversations and concerns are safe with us, and your identities will never be disclosed to third parties when you contact a hacker.

    We offer our hacker for hire services to both local and global clients. Many companies require the expertise of professional hackers to retrieve and recover lost company data and accounts.

    The cyber space is fraught with dangers, including individuals who bully and harass others on social media platforms, as well as criminals who exploit companies and individuals for financial gain. To combat these threats and recover lost data and accounts, the services of ethical hackers are required. You have the option to hire legit hacker from our company.

    We offer assistance with various services, such as:

    - Password recovery: We can help you retrieve lost passwords for computers, tablets, mobile phones, social media accounts, and email accounts. 

    - Restoring hacked social media accounts: Many influencers and businesses fall victim to hackers who compromise their social media handles. Our Hacker Group can counter these attacks and restore control of the account to the client. We specialize in assisting with platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and more. 

    - Retrieving hacked websites: As many businesses and bloggers have websites, they become targets for cyber predators seeking to steal valuable information. This can have severe consequences for your reputation and financial standing. With our team of ethical hackers, you can regain full control over your website. 

    - Penetration testing: We offer comprehensive testing on mobile applications, websites, networks, and APIs to assess their vulnerability to hacking. Following the testing, we provide recommendations on how to enhance the security of your application, website, or network. 

    In summary, our company is dedicated to ethical hacking and acts as a guardian behind the scenes. We play a crucial role in safeguarding your website, application, and network from potential threats. 

    Spy and Monitor offers the best hackers for hire. Give us the opportunity to serve you once, and we assure you that you will return to us or recommend our services to others.

    Presenting a Secure Portal to Make Your Experience of Hiring a Hacker – Hassle Free!

    When you contact a hacker, there are few important facts which should not be avoided for your safety:

    Your identity: You should make sure that your identity is not exposed to the hacker hired.

    Your Money: Your money should be in safe hands when you hire hackers to avoid being scammed.

    Guarantee of Service Delivery: Service guarantee and timely service delivery to avoid wasting your time and hard-earned money.

    That is why we have launched this portal to make the hacker hiring experience hassle-free for you. We have a verified list of freelance professional hackers.

    OVER 10,000

    • You are the best hacker for hire. I hired a hacker to hack my spouse's mobile phone within hours. Incredible speed and response. I suspected my husband of cheating on me. After using your service to monitor my husband's cell phone, I learned the truth.
    • I was unable restore my wallet after losing my passphrase for recovering my bitcoin wallet. Spy and Monitor’s bitcoin hackers recovered my bitcoin wallet and now I can send and receive Bitcoins from this wallet.
    • You can now access your mobile via the control panel. For now, it's all good. After knowing certain facts, I feel more relaxed. I wish that they could take orders instantly. There are always a lot of orders.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Can I legally hire a hacker?
    If you keep yourself anonymous while hiring a hacker and pay a hacker using crypto or any other anonymous mode of payment, you don't have to worry about legalities. Remember to use VPN.
    2How can I find professional hackers for hire?
    Searching and contacting a hacker directly may involve risk of getting scammed or any other such issues. That is why always try to use an escrow service like where you don't contact hacker directly, you contact with our agents and they will reach out to verified and selected freelance hackers from all across the world.
    3Are there ethical hackers available near me?
    Why do you really want to find a hacker near you? You should always stay anonymous while renting or paying a hacker so in order to be on a safer side, do not disclose you location or identity.
    4Is it possible to hire a hacker to recover an account?
    There are situations where you either loose access to your accounts when you cannot reset the password or your accounts are compromised. In such situations, yes, you can definitely try a chance to use a hacker's help to get your account recovered.
    5Can I hire a Facebook hacker?
    Certainly, Facebook hackers are easily available to hire. You can place your request anytime.
    6Where can I find trusted hackers for hire?
    As mentioned in previous question, you cannot judge if a hacker is trusted and verified or not. You just need to use a reputable agency like us where we already have a list of qualified, trusted and verified hackers for hire.
    7Is it illegal to hire a hacker for cellphone or WhatsApp hacking?
    There are multiple reasons why you need to get a phone hacked, but depending upon your own situation, you can yourself answer whether your purpose of getting it done is legal or illegal.
    8How do companies benefit from hiring ethical hackers?
    Companies often hire ethical hackers to safeguard their network, database and websites. They also hire them to get their systems scanned for any possible loopholes or vulnerabilities which can cause a digital risk in future.
    9What are the risks involved in hiring a hacker?
    The only risk when you hire a hacker is paying for something and not getting the service. This happens when you try to hire a hacker directly and you cannot verify the integrity of that person. That is why you can avail our services and prevent such situations.
    10Where can I hire a hacker to change grades?
    At, we have a list of verified hackers who are tried and tested. You can contact us to get one such hacker for you.
    11Are there any legitimate websites to hire a hacker?
    Yes, there are quite a few reputable and legitimate websites. We are one of them.
    12How can I contact professional hackers for their services?
    Do not try to contact them if you don't have any genuine source of reference which you can trust. We are here at your service to get your job done.
    13Is there a service to track Craigslist emails?
    Yes, although we do have contacts with a few hackers who offer that service.
    14Are there freelance ethical hackers available?
    Yes, all the hackers we have selected are are freelancers.
    15Why do some individuals offer free hacker services?
    Nothing in this world comes for free. Why will someone offer an expensive service for no money? Don't you find it suspicious? You may end up paying hefty amount if that person turns out to be a fraudster.
    16How can I hire a phone hacker for specific needs?
    Simple submit the contact form on this page and send us your requirements and we will find and assign a best suited hacker for your case.
    17What precautions should I take when hiring a hacker online?
    Make sure to use a VPN and an anonymous mode of payment.
    18Where can I find hackers who offer their services legally?
    You just have to submit your requirements to us on this webpage and our team will get back to you with a list of available and qualified hackers based on your requirements.
    19How can I hire an ethical hacker for personal cybersecurity needs?
    You can hire an ethical hacker from by simply using our easy to use contact form and submit your query.
    20Can I hire a hacker to ruin someone's reputation?
    Yes, you can! But think twice before doing so as this may also ruin someone's personal/professional life.